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Mountain Rings

Mountain Bike Chainrings:

Space The best Mountain Bike chainrings available -- Fastest Shifting, Best Performing gears available.  With lots of Cool, Patented technology for better shifting.  Replacements for Mountain Triple and 2x10.

Mountain Bike Triple Replacement Chain Rings Shift Mountain 2x10 Replacement Chainrings
Mountain Bike Compact Triple
Replacement Chain Rings
Mountain 2x10 SRAM Style
Replacement Chain Rings
Set Set
For Standard MTN Bike Replacement:
  • 3x9  -  44/32/22  Set - Only a few left
  • 3x9/10  -  44/33/22  Set - Get yours NOW
For SRAM XX, XO, Race Face & Compatible:

Check out the Features and see for yourself.

Chainring Technology

Check out the Technology Page for even more information.
Visit our Max Performance Site to learn about setup and troubleshooting.

Problems with front shifting have been around for a long time.  No More!  WickWerks chainrings were created to conquer this "less than perfect" front shifting situation.  Shimano has taught us for years to baby the front shifts -- well, not any more!  WickWerks has created bicycle chainrings (MTN, Road & CX) that shift fast, and reliably -- Shift it and GO.

The chain rings shown here are for a modern mountain bike -- we make them in Doubles (2x) and in Triples (3x) -- for 2x10 SRAM compatible replacement, and for Triples in 9 & 10 speed compatible standard chainring replacements.  Check out the cool technology features above and read the Technology Page.  We love them, and so do our competitors.  Shifting with these chain rings is so good, Shimano and SRAM are copying the features - trying to be sly - but it's still copying.  It makes us smile :) because we know where the technology came from, and it's a great compliment, because they too, realize the superiority of the technology.

No worries.  The best shifting is still here because Shimano and SRAM are lacking some key details that make this patented, fast shifting technology work.  This is for You!  Get your new chain rings and start shifting better for a lot less money.  Hey, have you priced new XT, XTR or XX chainrings?  These are better AND a whole lot cheaper!  They are available on-line (direct to customers), and, of course dealer direct (with dealer pricing).  Get yours, then Shift like you mean it!  No more wimpy Shimano inspired shifting.

Happy Shifting !!

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